About BirthBliss

My name is Kicki Hansard and I founded BirthBliss in 2002.  I was just starting out as a doula and was providing birth and postnatal doula services. Later on, in 2006, I started working as a doula course facilitator. This subsequently inspired me to create my own doula course on 2011. In addition, I also put together a number of workshops for doulas. After that, in 2017, I developed an exclusive on-line antenatal programme for pregnant women and their partners.  

BirthBliss  is an educational organisation that offers courses for birth workers and parents.  As an approved Doula UK course provider, we offers a doula preparation course as well as CPD workshops across the UK and overseas.  

BirthBliss has a professional panel of advisers, is a member of the European Doula Network and is also registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).

This is a free service for all BirthBliss Doulas to promote their services.

If you choose to engage a doula listed you are responsible for checking the accuracy of their details and in ensuring they are the right fit for you. BirthBliss Academy are not responsible if you, for any reason, are unhappy with their services.

Mission Statement

We live in a world where the images of childbirth are often associated with pain and trauma.
My aim is to show women that a different and positive birth experience exists for them.

We live in a world with so much information and where one expert seems wiser than another.
My aim is to let every woman know that it is she who is the expert on herself. To equip her with the knowledge and confidence to believe and trust her intuition.

I want her to know that I understand her confusion in the midst of so much conflicting information.

I want her to know that whilst it is great to be well informed, it is equally important to be in tune with her own instincts. Instincts that will guide her and enable her to make the right choices for herself and her baby.

We live in a world where a lot of information might feel scary.
I want her to know that I understand that she might be afraid, because it is new, because it is no longer just about her.

I want her to know that this fear is not real, that it is simply a sense of responsibility. That it is natural to feel this way in the face of something new, so that she can relax and not let that fear overshadow her own wisdom.

We live in a world where pregnancy and birth is seen as something women “just do” and “should get on with”.
I want her to know that it is not so. I want to show her how this experience can transform her as a woman. How it will open a new chapter in her life where she’ll learn something new about herself every day.

Vision Statement

  • I imagine a world where women are encouraged to trust their bodies and where all myths around pregnancy, childbirth, parenthood and breastfeeding are banished.
  • I imagine a world where all women will have the tools they need to make intuitive and informed choices for themselves and their baby, without guilt or judgement.
  • I imagine a world where couples are well equipped to listen to their hearts and apply a holistic approach to parenting.
  • I imagine a world where all women and their families have kind, compassionate and respectful support during the childbearing years.
  • I imagine a world where women and their families are in the centre of the care they receive and where caregivers work as a team to make it a positive memory for each family.
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