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Here at the BirthBliss Academy it is really important for us that you find a doula that is right for you. All the doulas listed have completed our comprehensive doula course and have a variety of skills to offer. We would suggest you contract at least two or three doulas.
It’s easy to search our register below. Simply pick the area in which you are looking for a doula and you will get a list of doulaographies to look through. You are also able to search for doulas based on languages spoken.
We think it is excellent that you’re looking into having a doula support you for your upcoming birth and/or postnatally!  Your journey to finding your perfect birth or postnatal doula to support your family begins here!

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Directory Usage Policy
This BirthBliss Academy doula register is exclusively for the personal use to locate and identify doulas in a particular location for hire or education purposes. The use of this register for the distribution of advertisements, solicitations, notices and/or materials of any kind, by any means, without the permission of the BirthBliss Academy is strictly prohibited. Any person or organisation (including members) desiring to use the doula register for any type of solicitation should contact for prior approval. If approval is granted, the distribution shall be conducted under the direction and supervision of the BirthBliss Academy.
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